Our team brings a focused and personalized approach to digital media projects. We have decades of experience in the fields of fine art, film, audio, animation, design, and web, we can help you manifest your ideas from concept to completion. We bring a holistic approach to our projects and look at all aspects of the projects to create and deliver images and sounds that will elevate your project.

Our team. We have a large network of musicians, digital artists, illustrators, animators, 3D modelers, directors of photography, stylists, airbrush artists etc. as needed on a project basis.

We’ve successfully executed many projects including music videos, documentary projects, albums, photo/ press kits, user interface design, cover art, digital paintings, original music/ score etc.

Penny Slinger, Creative Director

Penny Slinger’s career as a fine artist spans 4 decades. It covers the spectrum of art including painting, writing, collage, installations, film, theater, illustration, and more. She has a proven track record as a creative director and can help steer your project with her finely honed aesthetic and multifarious skillset. See PennySlinger.com for more.

Dhiren Dasu, Media Director

Since 1997, Dhiren Dasu has worked on a variety of media projects including web, graphic design, print, identity and imaging, rich media applications, media compression, digital video and audio. During the course of his consulting career, Dhiren has worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies, fine art galleries, startups, record labels, online communities, and more. His combination of corporate and freelance design work has molded a polished and functional aesthetic approach to media project planning and execution.

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